Pearl and I have been giggling all morning, and it's not because I made a batch of Kelli's Christmas Coffee Cheer.  
We are grinning from ear to ear because we have been looking at all these adorable holiday mixer pictures! 
It warms my heart, and Pearl's inner mechanisms,  to know that SO MANY mixers have been saved this season from holiday despair. But we do have a problem....  They are all just so darn cute that we are having trouble picking a winner!  Pearl, Nene, Tyler, and I have looked at all of them over and over today, and it seems that everyone has a different opinion on which mixer should win. I even recruited David and Jared, which totally complicated it all, because they had different favorites, too!  Let me show you what I mean....
Mira Chambers encouraged us to get back to basics, and Donna Gartin shared her poet mixer, Jane with us.  She even wrote a special little ditty just for us!
Then there was Jeri Ann Breshears' mixer, Gracie.  This one was Nene's favorite because she could tell Gracie OBVIOUSLY knew what she was doing.  Only an experienced mixer could perform these kind of holiday miracles.
Then Hi Ho Silver, AKA the Silver Bullet, just about rode away with our hearts!  Thanks Donna Bardocz for sharing your friend with us, because I know he is usually out mixing for justice....
Pearl got a bit weak in the knees with the next two entries.  It took a bit to get her focused again.  Apparently she's a pushover for the country boys and the bad boys you can't take home to Mama....
Bad Boy Biker Bruce and his leather and chains cause Pearl to have a power surge.  Then Earl came in told her he would always provide for her, (and she likes a guy in camo) and we had to reset the breaker!
Now I have to admit that I am a bit partial to a pretty picture, and I thought Lisa Finne's mixer, Frosty, was the most Photogenic appliance I had ever laid eyes on.  Why, I think next year's Finne Christmas card should have Frosty on the front.  I was also very impressed that his side kicks, Whisky and Mr. Dough Hook were included in the festivities. 
Then there was Rudolph. He was famous for guiding Beth Adcock through her holiday baking.  Who would have thought a little hand mixer could be so incredibly cute!  We did hear a rumor though that all of the other mixers used to laugh and call him names.  Apparently they never let poor Rudolph join in any mixer games.... ..
Then the decision got even harder because Rudolph's mom, Beth, sent us a bag of holiday goodies this morning...and they were really good....
 But, after a bit of arguing about this and that, we all came to the conclusion that we were all instantly blown away by the batting of a pair of long, lush eyelashes, and a curvy little pink mouth!  Betty Miller's mixer went above and beyond to save all the mixer society from holiday despair, and it was heartwarming to see the support of all her festive friends. So, WE HAVE A WINNER!  Congratulations TAHITIAN PEARL!  And Pearl thanks you from the bottom of her bowl for caring enough to go above and beyond to help all the poor neglected mixers of the world.  
And now, Pearl and I have to get busy!  Merry Christmas to all of you! :)
I want you to meet my new friend, Pearl.
She moved in with us on my birthday, and now she has a nice cozy place on our kitchen counter.  
Pearl LOVES Christmas! The holidays are her favorite because she can really show off her skills.  I was delighted to find out that she also loved to adorn a little festive bling!
Today Pearl and I were doing some mixing, and she confessed to me that she is worried about something...   Of course I had no idea what she was talking about, but I really want Pearl to be happy, so I told her that I would be glad to help in anyway possible.  It is Christmas, right?  She went on to say that some of her mixer friends are constantly being pushed back in dusty old corners during the holiday season by fancy cookie jars and gingerbread houses  Of course,  I assured her that would not happen to her in our home. She seemed relieved, but went on to explain that many of her friends have fallen into deep despair because of this neglect.  She even shared with me that some of these poor fellows were shut up in cabinets!  I was astounded!  I ask if anyone had contacted the authorities about this travesty, but she said the Safety of Traditional Appliance Neglect Department (S.T.A.N.D.) and the Mixer Intelligence eXaminer's  (M.I.X.) Office were locked in a power struggle over who had to pay for the investigations.  However, she did add that the Department Of Undercabinet Grievance Historical Society (D.O.U.G.H.S)  is currently working on a documentary that will hopefully bring to light a lot of these issues.  I told her that all this was certainly good to know, and I thanked her profusely for her willingness to share her concerns with me.  

Then we put our heads together, and came up with a plan to save all those lonely mixers from holiday despair. the spirit of giving during this holiday season, we are announcing the first PHARMCOOK FASHION CONTEST!  WOOHOO!  And because mixer neglect is such an important issue, we are throwing in the big bucks for a prize!  YES, I SAID BIG BUCKS!  We are awarding a TEN DOLLAR gift card to Wal-Mart!  Oh,  I know what you are can one person be so generous?  Let me assure you that if even only one mixer is saved from  holiday despair, then it will be well worth the sacrifice.... 

So how do you enter?  Or can you help a mixer today?  All you have to do is go to  the PHARMCOOK FACEBOOK PAGE and post a photo of your mixer all decked out for Christmas!  The most decorated, decked out, bodaciously blinged  mixer will win the TEN DOLLAR gift card! The contest officially begins on Friday, December 16th, 2011 at 4:15pm (basically..right now.) and will end at Midnight  CST on Friday, December 23rd, 2011.  Winner will be selected by the expert panel of myself, Pearl, and Nene, of Nene Knows Best, and my son, Tyler.  Winner will be announced on Christmas Eve.  Oh, but wait!  We are an equal opportunity organization,  (and we would hate for anyone to get their feelings hurt...) so hand mixers can share in the love, too.  Post a photo HERE.

What are you waiting for?!?!?!?  Will you find it in your heart today to save a mixer from despair? 
Beth Williams, you are one lucky woman!  You are the winner of the cute Pharmcook baking package!  Wow!   I want to send out a big thanks to all of you that commented.  I loved hearing about your favorite holiday foods.  I would love for you to post a picture of any of them you happen to make this year on the Pharmcook Facebook page HERE.  
The Lucky Winner!
It's Giveaway Time!  YOU could be the lucky winner of these holiday measuring cups and spoons, along with a cute little potholder.  This prize package has a retail value of several dollars! Ha! :)  You know you want them...  So here is what you do to enter..  Post a comment below telling us about one of your favorite foods during the holiday season, and you will be entered to win!  A winner will be chosen on Friday, December 16th.  Good luck!
Something incredible happened last week. I blinked my eyes...and all of a sudden I was 44.  Hard to believe since it was only yesterday I was 26...but it happened none the less...  And I can honestly say that I am not totally comfortable with this change.  The aging process has never scared me... although it is a bit scary when I suddenly find some parts of my body have shifted in different directions...(shudder..:o)   However, this new age has me a bit concerned.  

You see, when I was 43 I was full of glee! I mean...Look at me! I'm 43!   And then there is WHEEE!!!  It's fun to be 43! I love being me at 43! All these happy fun things rhyme with 43!  Even the number sounds perky and adorable!  I could go on and on....But that would be a bore...which brings me to 44.....

Now I have turned 44,  and likely it could be a chore...or maybe something I abhor.  I certainly don't want it to be full of gore!  And it's obvious that I need to work on my core....and gosh my muscles feel sore... So,  what exactly is this age for?  I need more because I am 44?  

NOTHING cute rhymes with 44!  Is that a sign?  I may not be afraid of the aging process...but I NEVER want to be boring!  And I'm kind of easily bored....  I have racked this 44 year old brain, and this is the most positive thing I can come up with!  I AM 44, AND HEAR ME ROAR!  That's the best I can do..  And it really was a tie with BAR THE DOOR, I'M 44!  But that one didn't work for me because I'm a bit claustrophobic. :)
And I was afraid "I'm declaring war because I am 44."  just might scare the family a bit. 

So here I sit...wondering what the year ahead will hold for this midlife girl who is scared to death of becoming a bore who needs to work on her core but won't because her muscles are sore and don't cross her or she may roar or worse she might declare a war!  

But wait!  It's a good thing I enjoy a challenge, and that I don't give up easily because I just realized that I can ADORE 44!  Whew... That was a close one....