I am working on a new project....  Those are probably the seven words my husband HATES to hear come out of my mouth.  Because I am the project queen!  Yes, nothing excites me more than starting a project!  And I have a system.....  First, research...and I really do love researching things. (I know that totally makes me a geek, "Live long and prosper!)  But I really find it fascinating to learn new things.  I hit every website, article, etc. that I can find on the internet (research is SO much easier these days) about my current subject.  And after I know all I think I can possibly know about a subject, I usually go to Books A Million, and roam around the shelves for any bit of extra knowledge I can get without actually buying anything.  Oh my goodness! You know what!  I am totally getting excited right now just because I am talking about new projects!!!  I always try to dream big, and usually the ideas are running so fast through my head that I have to sit down because it starts to make me dizzy!  There are people out there (I won't name names--but you know who you are..) that say I have trouble focusing.  Well, they just need to see me while I am working on a project.  In fact, I get so focused sometimes that before I know it the sink is full of dishes, and the children have nothing clean to wear.  Ok, so then I love to experiment.  For instance, I was wondering what would happen if you put a peanut butter cookie mix together with a chocolate chip cookie mix, added butter and eggs, and then threw in white chocolate chips and milk chocolate chips...and maybe a few pecans.  Well, I will let you know later because they are in the oven right now.  But anyway, about my new project!  I am in my researching phase and I need help from you.  I call my new project "Project BBQ!"  I know...you would think with all these ideas in my head I could have come up with a better name...  Anyway I want your input!  I have found that BBQ is VERY personal.  Some like sweet, some like hot, etc.  So what I want to know from you is the answer to these 3 questions.  "What is your favorite place for BBQ?  Why is it your favorite place?  What kind of side dishes do you like most with your BBQ?  I know you are busy and all, but if you could do this for me I would really appreciate it!  AND, since I really need your help... everyone that enters those answers in the comments of this blog will be entered in my first PHARMCOOK GIVEAWAY!  Oh how exciting!!!  Move over Oprah!  The PharmCook is on the scene!  If your name is drawn, you will win a set of PharmCook Notecards!  Oh Boy, I bet you are just chomping at the bit to answer now!  These custom notecards will display works of art from the "not yet famous" Pharmcook Kelli!  Don't worry about bidding on these babies, because they are PRICELESS!  Back to you Bob.....  Anyway, I do need your help, and yes, I am giving away notecards.  A girl has to start somewhere!  Just think 72 hours from now, you could be the winner!  So start answering those questions!  I have to go check on those experimental cookies!