My new dishes were delivered today!!!  I am so excited!  Ever since I was a child, I have loved dishes.  I like old dishes, new dishes, mismatched dishes...but I don't actually like to spend my money on them.  That does tend to pose a problem.  However, we were so desperate for dishes that my husband gave me a gift card for Mother's Day to buy new dishes.  Unfortunately, I could not find any I liked at Bed, Bath, and Beyond.  That is really the problem I have had with dishes--I couldn't find the ones I liked for the price I wanted to pay.  It was getting bad.   Seriously, I had 4 CorelleWare plates, and that was all.  The Corelle set was a christmas gift from my mom about 12 years ago....  And by the way, they DO break when dropped on tile.  They shatter into a gazillion pieces! 
So a couple of weeks ago we had some friends over at the last minute,  I had to pull out the wedding china for the hotdogs!  After they left, I searched and found some I liked with a price I could live with....   Now they are here, and I feel like a little girl with a new tea set!  Why did I wait so long?