Yesterday marked our 21st wedding anniversary.  21 years!  Wow!  I was married when I was 22, so I have almost spent half my life with David thus far. He is one lucky man, and, boy am I getting old.  Anyway....when I woke up yesterday morning and stumbled into the kitchen, I found an awesome surprise.  There was a huge box on the table with a card attached. sweet.....  Of course, I felt IMMEDIATELY guilty, because I had not remembered our anniversary until about 11pm the night before, (that is so bad, I know...) and had not done any shopping.  I am terrible with dates, and I really need a personal assistant.  But back to the present!  I was thrilled!  It was by far the sweetest, most romantic gift he had ever given me!  It was an office chair!  Yes, I said an office chair!  And, inside the card he had written, "Every business person needs a good chair!"  Is that not the sweetest thing! I could have cried!  AND there was a new paring knife on the table, too!  He is just the most wonderful man.  I know you are probably she being sarcastic?  No, I am not.  I was truly touched and thrilled all at the same time.  I have had a lot of hobbies and interests over our past 21 years together, and some have stuck with me, and some haven't--and David has endured them all. Now, it is true we have needed an office chair for 4 years because we have used a dining room table chair in there ever since we built on the room.  But, that is not the point...  What that gift meant to me was that he was essentially giving me his blessing, if you will, and validating that what I was doing was important, if only to me.   Man, what a guy!  So, here I a real office chair...(how cool is that!)  telling you all about it! And I know you are probably thinking, poor Dave, she didn't even have anything for him...  Well, don't feel too sorry for him because, he told me this morning, that he was REALLY hoping I would totally forget about our anniversary, so he could then use that for years to come as leverage...  Ha!