This past weekend, we headed to Lake Ouachita on Sunday afternoon for some last minute weekend relaxation.  A friend of the boys joined us, and he has just turned 16, and has his own truck!  Of course, he wanted to drive...( I guess he hasn't had to buy much of his own gas, yet) since he was so excited, and I was in a good mood because I had just invented Pancake Parfaits...I let him!   I told the crew I would follow his truck in the van, thinking that would be safe. 

One of the first things David and I discovered, after our boys got their driver's permit several months ago, is that they have no idea where to go to get anywhere!  Since they were small, they have been either reading, listening to an ipod, or playing a gameboy in the car.  Essentially, they have NEVER looked up. So because of this heavy electronic history, they are pretty clueless with directions at this point.  Roads we have driven GAZILLIONS of times look totally new to them...and they do not know whether to turn right or left!  So, I was very interested to observe one of their peers in a driving situation to see if this was a problem that was universal in this age group.... I will say...unequivocally...that it is...  None of these boys know how to get anywhere!  At the first turn...wrong lane...wrong blinker....  At the stoplight (and everyone knew the plan was to stop at Dollar General) ....left turn signal...when Dollar General was clearly straight across the road...   No one in the truck even glanced at Sunshine Road...they just barreled on towards Glenwood!  It became very clear that I needed to be in front of the truck, not behind.  Plus, then I wouldn't have to keep calling and reminding them to slow down and observe the speed limit! Whew!

Ok, we finally get to the Shangri La Road...we are almost there! Woohoo...and I wanted him to park by the boat docks instead of at Nana's trailer by the lake...  It can be very difficult to maneuver in the trailer area, so I thought that was best.  However, they didn't follow me to the proper parking spot--they went straight to the trailer.  So I used the electronic leash (cell phone) and snagged them, so they had to maneuver around in the trailer park anyway..sigh.... and made them come back to where I was waiting.  I told him he had done a great job driving :) and showed him where I wanted him to park.  I continued to further instruct them on what our plan was, etc. and started to head back to the trailer in my van.  Now, as I was backing up, I suppose I was a bit distracted by my own insistence of passing on driving wisdom that.....I BACKED INTO A TREE!!!! Yes, midsentence of some important lecture about driving safety...I backed into a tree!  Ugh. The boys mouths dropped open in shock...rushed over to the back of the car to see the damage!  "Mom, are you okay?"  "Mrs. Kelli, you jerked so hard I thought your head was going to hit the steering wheel."  "Mom, is the car okay?"  Then it turned to, "Really, Mom, really?" and  "Oh my gosh, I can't believe you just did that!"  And what did I do?  I sat there and laughed...quite loudly, actually.  Because in all of my 43 years, I do not think I had ever found myself in a more ironic situation....

Thankfully, my van Lucy is okay.  She barely has a scratch...and maybe...just maybe...they learned the importance of wearing a seatbelt???  And like any self-respecting mom, I swore them to secrecy.  "You boys better not tell a soul about this...and I mean it!...because I have to blog about this first!!!"  Ha!  Priorities are everything, you know! :)