I am really not sure how it happened, but I blinked my eyes and my sweet little cuddly boys have turned into young men.  And while I am sure they do still need me, (especially to do their laundry and shuttle them around to the places they just HAVE to go to RIGHT NOW) they no longer need me to cut up their pancakes or kiss their scraped knees.  And that realization is hard on this mama sometimes.  I used to get hugs and kisses, and now I get blank stares and rolling eyes...  I mourn this loss sometimes when I am alone, but at times the change feels liberating.  It's a juxtaposition of emotion, really,  happy and sad all rolled up into one chaotic ball of love.  But, as all parents know, we have absolutely no time to sit around and feel sorry for ourselves because we have to watch these teenagers like hawks watching their prey!  What saves me in this time of "I miss my babies" despair?  The dog.  Yes, my sweet dog Lucky pulls me out of this mama pity pot.  When I walk into a room, Lucky is glad I am there.  When I go somewhere, he wants to go, too.  AND he minds me.  He will get on his bed when I tell him too!  He will sit when I tell him to!  He basically is the only one in the house anymore that even listens to me!  And all I have to do to make him the happiest dog in the world is to take him for a walk! AND he has been neutered :)  There are times when I contemplate kicking all the pubescent testosterone out of this house and changing the locks!!!  But, the dog would get to stay.   So, thank goodness for the dog.  I think he keeps me sane. :)