I am happy to announce that things are almost back to normal in our house.  Well, normal for us anyway.  As you may know, we stimulated the economy recently with a new set of orthodontic braces, and the removal of wisdom teeth.  These TRAUMATIC (sigh…) events caused my two hearty teenage  boys  to be deprived of their favorite pastime, eating.  Tyler (wisdom teeth) has slowly made his way back on the scavenging scene, but Jared (braces) is not quite there, and all the more cranky for it.  Tyler previously had braces, so I felt like I was totally prepared for this second venture in orthodontic land---been there….done that….  NOT!  When Tyler first had his braces put on, he was a bit self conscious of how he looked, etc.   Jared is not as worried about things like that (plus his brackets are clear and you can barely see them!) so I just thought this would be a breeze.  So, what has been the problem?  Well, Jared did not fully comprehend the fact that what he was able to eat would be affected.  And boy was he unhappy on the way home after they had given him a list of foods he would not be able to eat!  He wanted me to turn right around and go back and have them take “these things” off!  Now!   And that attitude continued for a few days.  In fact in one oratory event, I was told that I would be the cause of his broken leg!  Huh?  Yes, because I MADE him get braces and he could not ever eat anymore, he was going to lose tons of weight, then he wouldn’t be able to bench as much at football, which would then cause him to get run over on the field and break his leg.  I swear, I did not make that up! So, today is a good day, because the poor child was finally able to eat some pancakes.  Whew…

Pancakes :)


08/14/2011 15:35

Poor Jared....This too shall pass!
Glad to see you are back on the Blog page. I've missed reading about your day! Tell me again the name of your new web site. I can't find it again!

08/14/2011 21:26

Oh my goodness! That gives me flashbacks to my 3 oldest daughters as teenagers. I thought it was just a girl thing; guess not.
Someday, sooner than you think, this will be one of your most prized memories.

Megan S
08/16/2011 16:45

That is pretty funny. In a way it's your fault for giving them such yummy food to begin with. ;D I hope he starts focusing on what he can have rather than what he can't(maybe add some protein shakes). ...or you can always suggest he join the flag core...

08/16/2011 20:10

Megan, he had NO trouble this morning when he was eating 4 eggs....I bet male flag core members qualify for good scholarships! :)


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